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I’m excited to introduce a new Personalized Soccer Training program available at my soccer studio in Lakeville. If you are interested in boosting your player’s game for the upcoming season, my innovative curriculum fast tracks a player with a focus on Technique, Agility, Power and Speed. I have worked with players of all ages and abilities with significant results. Two young girls just finished the 6 session series and not only increased their game capacity but also self esteem and leadership on the field. I have been working with a 23 year old professional player, fresh from Europe ,who after one session wanted more, expressing ‘if only I had had this when I was in my teens or even earlier at 10 years of age”! More details below, check it out or give me a call and I can go over the principles of the private, semi-private program as it applies to your player.


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To register for your training session

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